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    Google Plus Communities are a great place to interact with others who you share common interests with. It enables you to meet new people as well as have the possibility of driving more traffic to your own social media pages.

  • Buddy Hodges

    Hi John, Thanks for spreading the news about G+ Communities with your thorough and logical explanation. I started a G+ Community called “REAL Relationships Online” two days ago and already have 52 well-connected social savvy members. The intention of the group is to turn internet “friends” and “followers” into REAL relationships. Of course It would be a great honor if you would join our community.

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    It will be interesting to see how this feature is successful in a year’s time. PErsonally I see a lot of potential here.

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    How to make a Google+ Community (Basic Tutorial)

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    Wow, we have had more members join and interaction in one day on our new Google + Community Page than we had on our Google+ page in the last 6 months. I highly recommend creating a Google + Community Page.