• Tyler_Hakes

    Should definitely be tracking site search, but I would say to tread lightly — it’s not really a good replacement for organic search data.

    Imagine a simple example: Someone is looking to buy a new pair of designer jeans. They first search Google for “boutique clothing store”. Then, after arriving on your site, they search for “Brand X jeans”. The only data you have tells you what’s popular within your site (“Brand X jeans”), but doesn’t inform you about how they found you in the first place.

    Again, site search data can be very useful in its own respect. But, it’s not really a solution to Not Provided.

  • David

    GA documentation shows to enter only the word or letter following the parameter:

    “In the Query Parameter field, enter the word or words that designate an internal query parameter, such as “term,search,query”. Sometimes the word is just a letter, such as “s” or “q”. Enter up to five parameters, separated by commas.”

    So that means entering the ? and the = should not be necessary – I’ve never tried that way and maybe it works, but thought I’d point out the your screenshot showing ?s= could/should be just the s.

  • Carrie Hill

    Thanks David – I have ?s= in my install and it’s working – so i think either will work – but it’s best to follow the guidelines in case they make a change down the road. Thanks for the tip! ~C

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