• James Hinman

    Nice list, thanks! I would recommend adding YouTube email/account as a Manger to your G+ page to hook up your Video tab on G+ with your channel content from YouTube.

  • http://www.gamelanllc.com/ Matthew White

    Ashley, this is a great overview of the major social media vehicles. You’re right – it is overwhelming when just starting out, but slow and steady will win the race.

  • The MA Alert

    SlideShare, Ashley, SlideShare!!!

  • Dennis, ListsUK

    Good, comprehensive lists – thanks Ashley :)

  • Michael B Decker

    Great read. It’s super important to be consistant. I remembe when I first started trying to brand myself. I had to find a name that would be the same on every social media site. I personally ended up with mbdeckerfeed and it’s been wonderful.

  • David Waller

    I would recommend adding Storeboard.com. It is a great resource for new businesses and it lets people share on all of the sites you mentioned from their Storeboard posts.

  • http://commonstupidman.com/ Shahnawaz Sadique

    Wonderful check list.. But one thing why don’t you include some big name of social bookmarking?

  • http://www.rishona.net/blog/ Shona

    Awesome article! One thing that I would modify though is the suggestion to use Pinterest if your target audience is female. Yes, the majority of Pinterest’s users are female (70-80%). However 30-20% of 70+ million users is still a nice crowd. In my case, even though I am female, I find that Pinterest is a great resource for finding infographics; especially ones relating to technology. I’ve then found some great websites and blogs by clicking through to the source site. That is was Pinterest is really great at….driving traffic. I personally think it is a mistake for a business to shy away from those opportunities simply because their target market is not female.