• Pat Grady

    I loved them, seem tongue in cheek to me.

  • DarrinJWard

    I thought the Urban Outfitters one was cute.

  • Tom Harnamen

    Ohhhh… @urtweetsrbad why must you keep your social wisdom from us! Lead us! Reveal yourself and the Twitter accounts you manage! Teach us the proper way! Just share one account so i can take that and learn from it!! … Please? Thank you!

  • Tom Harnamen

    By the way… @urtweetsrbad … you Twitter background is making my eyes go crossed… but other than that I want to learn how to do social right! PLEASE.. I am begging to see your content! Thank you again!

  • http://cynthiaschames.tumblr.com/ Cynthia Schames

    Actually, I think they’re pretty good.

  • Guest

    Marketing as a industry could benefit from more accounts as @urtweetsrbad. Some of the marketeers out there are definitely going over the top.

  • RavenCourtney

    Dead now. :( Boo.