• disqus_Bvk0rMk5Qc

    You might want to proofread your article a little better next time. Found at least three typos that made it more difficult to read.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Good grief, it was a sincere rememberance, maybe a tiny bit off kilter for hypersensitive souls, tho certainly not malevolent and at least SOMEONE knows their history anymore.

    Unlike Google.

  • Harry Hawk

    Their graphics didn’t match the somber nature and significant gravitas of the event… but the core of the graphic, a PRO American O isn’t offensive. One might guess they were really trying to say, in the face of Pearl Harbor attack let’s be proud to be Americans; let’s celebrate American resilience; if that was there intent it has clearly failed.

    I think the biggest aspect of this failure is Semiotic and the failure to see how their “proud American O” didn’t appropriately fit this tragic day of infamy…

  • jaunts

    People on twitter are “turning on their own” just because the folks who made the offensive tweet are also on twitter? Are we supposed to be obligated to support every marketing team that posts things on twitter (i.e., every marketing team)?

  • ocdetf

    What do you expect from a bunch of 20/30 year old ad executives who have no earthly idea what Pearl Harbor (or World War II for that matter) was all about?

  • Hooter

    I see nothing wrong with this…Campbell’s is a great American company. Campbell’s had gone to war with America providing products and production during WWII. I served years at sea on various warships, and in the ships store stocked products such as this for the crew…. Many a care package sent from home to sailors overseas would have treats such as this, a taste from home, something to share with your shipmates. Nothing wrong with mascot waving the American flag either. Only ones complaining never had the guts to put on the uniform themselves….

  • Hooter

    No that’s the problem with the whole god damn country today, to many business degree types who are managers, not leaders… Admiral Hopper warned about this back in the 1950’s…

  • keaner

    and shared none of them so they can fix it. good job! :)