• http://twitter.com/dock29 Chris Bernard

    Good stuff…so distilling that, based on this data, here are some questions to consider for email marketing

    1) Are we optimizing the mobile email experience visually?
    2) Does our website look good when viewed on a mobile device (at least Android, iphone, ipad). If not consider in investing in a mobile website?
    3) Are we segmenting our email list, first by device vs. desktop, then on behavior (what the user clicked or didn’t click), then any other customer or demographic data?
    4) Are we doing a small test of at least two different subject lines to a small segment of the list to see which one performs better, before pushing to the full list?
    5) Are we giving customers the ability to engage with us softly with social media integrations into email and website, whitepapers/ebooks/webinars, other email lists, or blogs/rss?

    Thanks again for the post!

  • Pat Grady

    Mobile is the new black.

  • Pat Grady

    Dad, look at what Santa brought me, it’s so freaking mobile I could scream!

  • http://twitter.com/seo_george George LaRochelle

    Great article and super stats. We recently started to try and increase our subscriber engagement by using responsive, trimmed down designs for our newsletters and we saw a decrease in “glanced/deletes” by 70%!!!

  • Anis@MBA Programs

    The future is now for mobile. It is very smart to set up now a strategy for mobile. The pourcentage of people who use the mobile to buy a product or to read email is relatively low but if campanies thinks today to the impact of a mobile strategy, they will be ahead.