• http://beta21.circussocial.com Avtar Ram Singh

    Paid media. This doesn’t change anything, and I don’t see how this could be “counterintuitive” at all unless ALL the data that’s been gathered by SocialBakers actually talks about ONLY organic and NON-PAID reach. That most definitely, is not the case – and therefore – the “increase” in “engagement”, which means more likes and more shares is a result of companies embracing paid media and spending more money on Facebook to get that “engagement”.

  • Rob Leathern

    These conclusions are incorrect. Their data will include paid promotion of organic posts (but exclude “dark posts” aka unpublished posts) and obscures the fact that the only way to assess organic reach is brand-by-brand looking at their own stats. It’s in their interest to have brands use their Analytics which are based on public data but the truth is their data is becoming increasingly irrelevant as organic reach declines and Facebook improves it’s own Analytics for brands.