• RiffHiff

    OH wow very cool indeed when you think about it.


  • Ghostextechnica

    I love that the first comment to this article is from a bot.

  • Mark Etingchap

    As a chap who writes about this subject at length, I wish to say ‘bravo!!’ This is excellent stuff, chaps. Well played!

  • Market Mischief

    Nice to see that your investigation into this is a bit more scientific than mine. I bought 100 on fiver, went up to 250 in a few days, then over the next few weeks the powers that be gradually bumped me back down. It’s good that they’re doing something about it but I guess those that cost in the thousands are a bit harder to track.

    As long as people measure success by Facebook likes and Twitter followers, there will always be a market for this nonsense.