• http://twitter.com/Tech0Promoter Tech Promoter

    Interesting post. Thanks for the info.

  • http://www.aerialandhandlingservices.com/ Claire Atkins

    Then why are SEM and SEO encouraged to spend so much time and effort increasing the social media aspects of their work?

  • http://twitter.com/Ansicles Anu A

    Interesting to read how inaccurate the headline advice is. It just seems to say “little to no-one engages with your Brand through FB, but this figure hasn’t taken into consideration a multitude of engagement factors”. What’s the point of this stat then??

  • http://www.jeffmolander.com jeff_molander

    Problems, problems everywhere. Engagement is more important than generating leads and sales. Who would want to measure that? Pffft!  What a waste of time. Let’s count what people are talking about. Oooh… how cutting edge.

    Meanwhile people sell everything from jewelry to HVAC systems and service contracts on Facebook http://oth.me/w7WM77