• Elisa Camahort Page

    Thanks for the post, Greg. I just want to make sure to clarify one key aspect of the study: We asked each tool’s active user base about that tool. So the percentages above reflect the interests and intensity of each tool’s active user base…but also covered in the study is the fact that, of course, adoption rates are pretty widely variant. 

    To me it highlights that Pinterest is definitely a tool to watch…can they maintain trust as they grow from a niche tool (i.e. adopted by 19% of the general population of women online)? 

    It also highlights that no matter how well adopted Facebook is (~4x Pinterest and Twitter), the way women use the tool means it’s never going to be highly concentrated with people looking to research product decisions.

    I’m reminded of that old ad-biz joke: I know half my advertising is working, I just wish  knew which half. 

    With Facebook, that just sinks to one-third :)