• mikehusseymkh

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  • Gustavo Corral

    It would be nice if we had unlimited resources to chase down and form relationships with every potential client. Most businesses simply cannot operate with such long-term horizons; they need to generate revenue NOW, this quarter, not when the customer is finally ready. It is easier to put such customers in storage and get back to them 6 months from now with a quick phone call than trying to support someone who in the end won’t convert.
    On the customer’s side, there has to be a willingness to move. Sure, some contacts might convert after a long courtship but those customers are going to be the low margin ones. Only really big accounts justify this kind of romance.
    In summary, most salespeople are in the situation where they have hundreds of potential clients and their task is to identify those that will convert to-day.

  • http://www.LinkedMediaGroup.com Linked Media Group, Inc.

    This is a great metaphorical way to treat leads and the sales funnel and will work well for big enterprise level clients with baked in CRM capabilities. But, for SMB/SME’s as GustavoC. touched on below, they do not have the tracking mechanisms or personnel to do this properly. Aggregating “friends” via Google Analytics, Twitter and LinkedIn is challenging for most. And, when you overlay front end content marketing strategy: topics, keywords, word length, editorial calendar usage, syndication platforms, etc. as part of the process it becomes quite challenging for most. And, we now have over 900+ marketing platforms available for businesses to weigh. I think too much is coming at many executives too fast and they don’t have the personnel or budgets to tackle the entire enchilada – content marketing is all many can handle, with minimal back end analysis.

  • bwagy

    We do something interesting with this, by doing purchase intent tracking for B2B, so you can find out what content is stimulating intent. Rather than a hard ‘conversion’ which can be tougher in the B2B space as you’re kind of talking to.