• http://www.22by4.com/ Sundeep Reddy

    the 62% of the consumers voted that social media doesn’t influence their purchasing decision should actually come under “don’t know” option too…because they don’t know or choosing to ignore that social media apparently influencing all their decisions. Unless they don’t use social media at all.

  • Tom Krager

    62% of ppl are idiots apparently because you are influenced whether you realize it or not.

  • Pat Grady

    Shocking, not. I do love the 3% who don’t know! Let’s be frank, if you don’t know, you’re heavily influenced by social media and shiny objects everywhere, doh!

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/sophietran Sophie Tran

    Though I wouldn’t phrase it exactly in the same way @tomkrager:disqus did, I do agree that “influence” does not always equate in a transaction. In the same way that it takes multiple impressions for the average brand to be memorable to the average customer, multiple/repeated impressions from a brand or product are also needed to influence customers. Each time a potential customer sees an advertisement or post about a brand or product, it becomes more memorable… which may turn into a real or tangible consideration to purchase, one that DOES equate monetary value.

  • http://www.3dhomeelevations.com/ Shazad

    62% don’t want to accept that social media has influence on them…

  • http://www.mobilebiz.co/ Dan Ang

    Even if social media ads is indeed influencing purchasing decisions, its very hard to track the actual conversion because they may be converting through other channels.

    I agree with Martin that the social media users are more receptive towards personal conversations rather than hard sells. Its why they are there in the first place — to connect with people on a personal level. I usually ignore all the hard selling ads on my FB news feed because Facebook itself makes it so convenient for users to scroll over the ads in split seconds.

    Lets face it. If you are trying to sell something in a place where people are not expecting to buy, how good can the conversion be?

  • http://www.mobilebiz.co/ Dan Ang

    You are right. i would see social media advertising more for awareness and building engagement. Social media is not the place to influence people through hard selling. You can only influence through constant engagement at a personal level. Which leads to the fact that if your objective is to sell on social media, it may be the wrong place to do so.

  • Guest

    @disqus_UNAbVEye7O:disqus, you seem quite knowledgable in this topic. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/sophietran Sophie Tran

    Dan, you seem quite knowledgable in this topic. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • http://www.mobilebiz.co/ Dan Ang

    Sophie, there’s still much to learn. Just that from my personal experience as a consumer, I’m doubtful of how effective really is social media marketing.

    If you join a community to sell, you are in the wrong place.

    If you join to connect and inspire others, then its a different ball game altogether. Through the connection and inspiration, thats where you start influencing people and make them look for you for services.

    Connect with me on twitter @ahdanmarketing. I tweet regularly my thoughts, lessons learnt as well as marketing advises, tips from the experts.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/sophietran Sophie Tran

    Nice! I’ll connect with you on Twitter via @sophie_tran. I tweet mainly on tech, entrepreneurship including social entrepreneurship. I also tweet about social impact, social media, and a few other things.