• Pat Grady

    “shiny objects for cheapskates” = “marketing for SMBs”?

  • http://www.salesblend.com/ David Chevalier

    Thanks Greg – Interesting data from Merchant Circle/Reply.com. I would have liked to have seen the breakdown of SMBs who were lumped together under five or more hours per week. For example, I wonder how many are marketing their businesses 10+ hours per week.

  • influential

    Twitter is too brief for many people to get meaningful interaction and it is overrun with spam – G+ has a nice mix of plenty of content and almost all real people. FB seems to have virus issues lately.

    Why are SMBs using social media – its is cheap/free (until you count your time, which many small business owners don’t do).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=628155046 Chad A. Buie

    I think for reputation management and interactivity; social media is a key part to any small business using the Internet platform to reach people. Even if a business used offline t.v. marketing during prime t.v., connecting with people at a one-on-one level with other engaged audience members is what consumers want now-a-days. I have talked in my own network about search agencies using or rolling out a program to do just that.