• DrCBunks

    These numbers are somewhat interesting, but would be even more useful with a bit of additional analysis. For example, what percentage of SMBs are on main street or in a mall, relying mostly on volumes of footfall traffic? Does a green grocer or newsagent need a mobile website to drive sales? What percentage of SMBs rely mainly on word of mouth and personal network for business? For example, can most plumbers or painters reasonably benefit from a mobile website? The Hibu study has taken a useful step in collecting data, but have, in my opinion, raised more questions than they have answered.

  • http://www.LeadDiscovery.com/ Jerry Nordstrom

    Define SMB for this study. Go to any swapmeet and you find hundreds of enterprising entrepreneurs who get by with facebook business page, G+ business page, local pages like Yelp, BingLocal, YahooLocal etc. Granted I can make a fairly strong business case for building a website regardless of the size or nature of your business, but these types of businesses along with high personal referral businesses are not willing to invest in online marketing.

    I give it another 5 years before businesses relying solely on word of mouth will lose out to the small business effectively using online loyalty loops. The consumer is changing and adapting to the times, businesses can’t ignore their preferences.