• http://referralcandy.com/ Samuel @ ReferralCandy

    Hi Lynn, thanks for posting this piece of research. From personal usage, I guess this doesn’t come as a surprise, seeing how many businesses do not have well-designed mobile-optimised sites, if any at all. Tablets have an advantage here, as their interface is much more similar to the desktop/laptop interface.

    You also raised a good point about the demographics of tablet owners. I do think this is fairly important in our understanding of the usage of tablets in mobile purchases.

    However, seeing that there are still much more smartphone than tablet users, it might be more beneficial if businesses optimise their sites for smartphones instead of shifting to tablets. The usage of smartphones will probably always be higher than tablets, and it might still be more efficient, even in the long run, to cater to smartphone users. That’s just my two cents.

  • Lynn Baus

    Thanks Samuel, agreed I don’t think we should ignore smart phones. But I also think that the tablet form factor has many advantages over smart phones that make them uniquely posed to drive conversions and that’s what has really caught my attention. But what I’m actually aiming for is a more touch-friendly experience that’s optimized for a smaller screen when presenting digital content to users.

    An interesting trend that I noticed as I was spending time with family over the holidays is that some people in the older demographics, who don’t own smart phones, do own a tablet of some type and use it regularly. So we may be seeing even larger variation in users experiences as technologies evolve. It’s something to pay special attention to if your product or service falls into a niche. Probably worth investing in a bit of research before setting the mobile strategy in place for design and development.

  • http://referralcandy.com/ Samuel @ ReferralCandy

    Yes, I agree. I think it’s hard to accurately predict how things will play out with smartphones and tablets, but the one definite thing is that users are bringing a lot more of their purchases off from laptops and desktops, and more on to mobile devices.

    The point you brought up about the older demographics using tablets makes sense; the much bigger screen real estate certainly helps users navigate better!

    As you mentioned about a business’ product / service falling into a particular niche, it’s important then that businesses look into their own browsing data and see which platforms are more popular amongst their consumers. Moving forward with some data is better than none.