• http://BullishData.com/ ReevesJB

    Some great points here. I do think that marketers need to be realistic about what can be most effectively achieved with a TMS, however. “Build your own marketing cloud” is a neat tagline, but borders on hyperbole. In fact, though, tag management vendors are steadily adding new marketing features to their basic platforms, and probably hope to displace them entirely (for some kinds of organizations). I wrote a blog post about this earlier: http://www.bullishdata.com/2014/06/16/land-expand-future-tag-management/

  • Amin Shawki

    Hi Erik,

    Really great post, we live in the digital analytics space and tag management has been so incredibly helpful for deploying complex analytics implementations that we need for our customers. We have seen first hand that reducing the number of tags firing on each page increases website performance, online conversions and revenue. We saw this happen so evidently that we created a tool to scan any website, and find all marketing tags present- within or outside a tag management system in fact. Have you heard of taginspector.com?

    I think it’d be really useful for anyone trying to control the amount of outlier tags floating on their site and not managed within a TMS. I’d love to get your opinion on it, its free to use!