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    Great article.  However, I don’t like the term “set it and forget it”….because a few times I have engaged with clients who set these programs up..let it run for awhile and never checked on the experience after a few months only to find out that there was a few things broken.

    I like “set it and optimize it”  Since triggers tend to be cash cows, optimizing the experience, creative, send times, cadence etc…can often mean big buck.

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  • http://twitter.com/EmailGirl Cara Olson

    I agree with that point! You are right, you can never really “forget it.” I recommend high level monitoring through weekly reporting on standard metrics and revenue. This should catch any glaring errors and monitor any trends in metrics. Then check-in at least once a year to revise creative and perform testing for optimization. But overall, in comparison to the ongoing promotional campaigns and segmentation, these triggers require little effort once launched.

    I also recommend optimizing the initial campaign before fully automating it. For example, in the Crocs emails above we tested subject line, personalization, coupon, HTML text vs image-only, and time between the cart abandoned and email send.

    Thanks for the feedback!