• keaner

    Your title tag just says “mobile website” , fyi :). Good article

  • http://www.tvsinternetmarketing.com/ Travis Van Slooten

    Kim, great post! I get this question all the time from clients – should I go mobile with a website or make an app. I have yet to talk to a business where an app makes more sense than a mobile website so I’m going strictly mobile sites right now.

    Having said that, if businesses have the budget and are willing to be more creative in their marketing, apps can be an assume marketing tool. Here’s just one example…I was looking for a creative app to have developed for a law firm. During my research I found a DUI app. It was a simple tool that allowed you to enter your gender, weight, what you’re drinking, how many drinks you’ve had, etc. and it would estimate if you were over the limit or not. It had thousands of downloads and the author of the app? A big law firm:) The app also had a list of what to do if you’re arrested for DUI…which of course one of the things on the list was to call the law firm for legal representation.

    Travis Van Slooten