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    Webmaster have too much button to include on website nowadays…

  • http://supdntk.blogspot.com William Tatum

    or maybe the reason for having two buttons is because so many people circle share and this prevents brand pages from over inflating their numbers by getting into the right Scoble circle share. Having the two points of interest allows for more objective measurement of your impact on social media. Are you just being added via shared circles, or are people actually engaging. I think the reason you see the discrepancy is that a lot of brand pages were scobalized but people didn’t actually go to the pages and interact. Having both the circles numbers and +1 numbers lets you know how many people you could possibly reach(circles) and ruffly what percentage you are(+1s). Its like now you can draw a line because you have two data points, ideally you want three but at least with two you can draw a line. FB and twitter only give you one metric, G+ is doubling the amount of data you get.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=502728220 Joshua Ma

    Get over yourself, one number means the number of followers, the other means the number of +1’s. It’s pretty damn straightforward, nobody’s being misleading about anything – you just choose to make your own assumptions about how things should be and complain when it isn’t so. Why should I have to “like” something publicly to follow something? /rant

  • Anonymous

    Joshua, someone new to Google+ visiting a web site sees a box for the site’s Google+ page listing “3,000” people who apparently like that page. They go over to the Google+ page itself, and if they’re not signed-in, that figure is nowhere to be seen. That’s confusing.

    If they actually sign-up, then they finally get to see that original 3,000 figure — which isn’t the number of people who follow the page. Nor is it the number of people who even like the page. It’s the number of people who like the page, like the web site home page or like some of the ads that the web site has run.

    That’s anything but straight-forward.

  • Benjamin DeLillo

    Just because I like some content doesn’t mean I want all the content they’ll ever make, and just because I want to see their content doesn’t mean I automatically like all of it. G+ is doing it right by not having the two combined. 

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    Yeah! I agree Google+ has the most confusing follower counts button. Confused with +1 and followers. And thanks for making it bit clear.