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    I see this as the most important point: I often find myself involuntarily cringing. After all, a good rule of thumb for one type of campaign may be entirely wrong for another.

    We try to standardize customers across industries like they have the same expectations. Like in socialist society we try to think of customers in buckets and I think we need to think about them as individuals.

    In the past I have come across a great video from Gary Vaynerchuk from Wine Library. He answered every email personally and it payed of immensely but his speach was highly motivational to everyone caring about their community. It is hard to replicate in bigger corporations but I think better to be small in content load and have great attention to individual needs.


    Great case study from Twitter was made by Delta Hotels. Jenn Seeley posted a Tweet on February 24th 2012 about missing her flight to Montreal. Delta Hotels replied to her tweet …and don´t you want to stay with us? They proactively searched for people they can help. She wrote a thank you blog post later about their service and this is a summary:

    “and when I am ready to book a room, I am going to remember my awesome, positive interaction with Delta on Twitter. They listened creatively and as a result, I am happy to tell the world how they engaged with me”

    And here is a short nine step guide how to work with unhappy customer on your twitter channel:

    1. respond quickly
    2. apologize
    3. empathize
    4. provide and easy way to connect
    5. make it right /if possible/
    6. follow up on any promise
    7. (over)communicate
    8. be and talk human /no corporate speak/
    9. provide reason to return or use product/service

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    Thanks @twitter-406605982:disqus ! Great little cheat sheet.

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    How would you classify a Twitter Contest set up? Big Splash?