• http://www.retargeter.com/ Caroline Watts

    Hi Shelley,

    In this space, change happens so quickly that the future of retargeting as predicted today could be here tomorrow.

    The focus on Google and Bing is logical, given their weight in the display marketplace, but I would argue that both are well behind the curve when it comes to retargeting technology.  (Full disclosure – I work for ReTargeter, an online advertising platform specializing in retargeting.)

    For example, Google may be looking into search remarketing, but search retargeting is not a thing of the future.  It’s already here.  A number of companies are offering this product, including Simpli.fi, as mentioned above, and ReTargeter.com.

    Intent retargeting is an interesting concept, and here at ReTargeter we’re interested to see where this kind of targeting will be headed.  All retargeting is based on perceived user intent, demonstrated by some form of engagement.  It’s just a question of how the user demonstrates intent and how we are able to serve them ads in the right places and at the right time.


  • http://twitter.com/arnaudfischer Arnaud Fischer Glam

    Shelley, excellent post. Re-targeting is all good, all around. Users get more relevant ads. Publishers sell inventory at a higher CPM. Advertisers more effectively target. Less waste all around. I am also impressed with Simpli.fi ‘s real time bidding 
    re-targeted serving … -arnaud

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jules-Polonetsky/500456196 Jules Polonetsky

    Google and Bing are avoiding the term re-targeting because (outside the marketing bubble) the idea of “targeting” people isnt very pleasing to the ear…(or media/policymakers/advocates).

  • Shelley Ellis

    I agree – I don’t believe search retargeting is a future concept…and you are also right that Bing and Google are behind the curve. Retargeter has a great reputation in the industry and I’m looking forward to watching your company evolve.

  • Shelley Ellis

    That’s a good point. I was looking up the dictionary definition of remarketing tonight and I can see now why Google used it in spite of the fact that there is really a whole other industry using that term.

  • http://www.facebook.com/do.lally1 Do Lally

    Hi Shelley – how do you think retargeting will be effected by the impending EU Cookie law legislation requiring an “opt in” for any cookie to run on someone’s computer?

  • Shelley Ellis

    There are companies like AdTruth.com that focus specifically on this and they are coming up with some very creative ways to get around it. 

  • hari waluyo

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  • http://luisgalarza.blogspot.com/ Luis Galarza

    Excellent article… I think ad retargeting is one of the best innovative tools available for online marketers. But, I really want to hear a little about the opinion from the consumer or web user point of view. I know that anyone who understand and see the same ad next to search results or web properties will not any problem about it, the problem comes from non-marketers web users that might think of this strategy as a privacy thread to their Internet security! Do you have any insights or research results about this?

  • Shelley Ellis

    I wish more companies did two things: had a shorter duration for their initial remarketing campaigns and used frequency settings. That would help keep non-marketers from feeling like they were being stalked. And there are rules in place across certain industries to keep remarketers from tagging you for certain health conditions and other things that might make you uncomfortable. From feeling like “how do they KNOW that about me!”

  • Anonymous

    Excellent state of the nation, as it were. I’m one of those people who does dream about the future of display and retargeting. I would reinforce two points made here. One: it’s about data. All these companies will have to provide the customer data that goes along with the interactions with display or search keywords. It’s not as easy as it sounds. In fact, experience, partnerships and infrastructure will be the most important things that advance retargeting as a strategy. Second: We need to go beyond search. The Google developments are certainly worth the attention you’ve given them. The future of retargeting depends at least in part on the data generated by publishers, content owners, retailers and brands. Google, Bing and Yahoo! aside, there’s a wide world of data to be accessed and a universe of customer intention to be explored.  

  • Shelley Ellis
  • http://twitter.com/danielyen DigitalMarketing ROI

    Shelly, this is what I see both as a consumer of products/services as well as a Marketing professional: being retargeted ads about company XYZ. While it does jog my memory about the brand – nothing compelling to get me back in their site when I am shopping around for alternatives. 

    So with many retargeting options from GDN, Adroll & Simplifi are exciting .. it really comes down to how retargeting is used … with customized messaging to suit the interest & intent to purchase of the prospect. This is where advertisers & marketeers will really get the benefits, irrespective of the retargeting provider used..