• Joshua Butler

    Thank you for these thoughts. We’ve taken the “Focus on Content” approach. With the updates of 100% (not provided) and Hummingbird, we’ve found that landing page entrances will be our closest substitute for keyword traffic reporting. However, along with Hummingbird, it’s going to be difficult to know if the head terms are performing better, or if the long tail is performing better. The way to tie this back together is to review Google Webmaster Tools landing pages reporting, and identify the top contributing keywords. Unfortunately Google Webmaster Tools is vague, and for websites with massive amounts of content and traffic GWT is much too blurry to provide specific insights.
    I’m really hoping that GWT is updated to have more specific reporting, and with a much longer archive history.

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    Just out of curiosity. how do you take the average of “-“, which is the CTR for “<10"?

  • disqus_Xaj08UB0Dl

    “I think the future of SEO reporting needs a more uniform, industry-wide
    solution. I’d like to see the SEO industry come together to define SEO
    standards and measurements via SEMPO or another organization.” AMEN!!! It boggles my mind why this hasn’t happened to date

  • http://blog.clayburngriffin.com/ Clayburn Griffin

    I think losing keyword data will be a good thing for the SEO industry, but I will miss the entertainment of looking through what crazy keywords people are using to find my blog.

  • Pel Abbott

    I tried to sign up for your e-newsletter and it told me my email wasn’t valid. Just sayin you might want to fix that.

  • Philip DiPatrizio

    You said that Keyword Planner gives broad match search volume but that’s incorrect. This is straight from Google’s support page on Keyword Planner:

    “With Keyword Tool, we showed you broad match statistics by default with the ability to get data for other match types, like phrase and exact match. But with Keyword Planner, you’ll get historical statistics only for exact match.”

  • http://www.benspiegel.com/ Benjamin Spiegel

    Hello Michael, there are a couple of different solutions for “interpreting” the data that is “<10". My favorite one is to leverage the Avg. Position.

    So lets say the Average position 2.5 and you had 100 Impressions and <10 clicks. In that case i would get the average CTR for Position 2 (keep in mind the difference for a Branded vs Unbranded Terms: http://www.catalystsearchmarketing.com/unbranded-queries-higher-click-rate-branded-queries/ ). That would give me an avg. CTR of 8.2 and 8 Clicks ;) makes sense?