• pinilinilo

    If i can throw tomato at the evil Google, I will!

  • Alex G

    Poor Microsoft, that giant is bullying them with monopolistic techniques. As if IE hadnt always been the best browser.

  • Tim Lewis

    It’s just Microsoft’s same old arrogant refusal to use web standards accepted and used by every one else on the internet. Remember Flash, same issue, old, obsolete technology and Adobe just had to accept it and embrace newer better tech.

    Microsoft is the same, they are probably trying to use Silverlight or .net or some other proprietary Microsoft trainwreck to justify it’s existence.

    This is totally an MS failure.

  • http://wallpapersmyth.blogspot.com/ XeBii Mj

    boys will be boys… :D

  • arnieswap

    Was it that Google wanted to make an HTML5 app or it wanted to use HTML5 instead of Flash in the app? There is confusion around it. Can you please clarify? Why would Google tell MS to make an app in HTML5? Even if it does, why can’t MS make it?

  • Pat Grady

    Last go around with this same app, ms tried to show it’s one ads on YT. This time, they said the app hasn’t changed. It may be a ms app, but if users go to YT, G gets the ad money. I think that’s the dispute here. An intellectual Property dispute, one ms is clearly in the wrong about.