Cool insight served-up with a side of humor. Great read Scott, thanks!

  • Scott Brinker

    Thanks. We all have our own El Guapo somewhere in our marketing stack.

  • http://twitter.com/therealsjr Stewart Rogers

    Thanks for including Salesformics in the latest edition Scott – very much appreciated.

    Would love to show you the product in case it changes your mind as to whether it belongs in the CRM or Marketing Automation category (or both!); let me know and we’ll set something up.

  • Scott Brinker

    Thanks, Stewart.

    Yes, that was a tough call on a number of products. I usually chose one category or another just for space reasons, but in products like yours, I could see it going either way. If I can find a space solution, I’d add you to both (perhaps some overlapping section?).

    If you had to pick just one though, which would it be? Or would it be a different label entirely?

  • http://twitter.com/therealsjr Stewart Rogers

    It’s always a tough call with multi-function software, isn’t it Scott?

    There aren’t many marketing automation solutions that include a full CRM; many I’ve seen are stand-alone and link to a CRM. Are there enough of these solutions to warrant a new category? Not sure at this point…

    Even I’d be hard pushed to pick either CRM or Marketing Automation for Salesformics, if pressed, since both categories are equally present in the product! What a conundrum…

  • Scott Brinker

    Aye. In fact, I do feel a bit sheepish about the use of black-and-white categories in general. Some of the most interesting innovation in this space is happening across the boundaries of traditional labels. It’s just a “failure of visualization” on my part to represent that at scale. Maybe if I move to Colorado, I’d have better luck.

  • Akin Tosyali

    Missing Exact Target from email, Adobe from Search, and Merkle from CRM.

  • Scott Brinker

    Hi, Akin. Thanks for the feedback! I’m afraid this was a visualization fail on my part. My intention was that vendors listed in the platform layer would be implied has having capabilities in the more specific categories above that layer. I’ll need to work on something better for that for the next version. Thanks for the heads up on Merkle’s CRM platform too.