• http://blog.affiliatetip.com Shawn Collins

    In my house, my four kids are often trying to grab my wife’s or my iPad to watch movies and shows on Netflix, which makes me a little nervous with the price of the iPad and the tendency for kids to be careless.

    In addition to liking the size and weight of the Kindle Fire over the iPad for taking with me (I can fit the Fire in a jacket pocket), the lower price point for a family video player is a big thing. 

    Since I have Amazon Prime, the Fire has a big selection of shows and movies to watch for free, plus the Netflix library. No Amazon movies on the iPad, so that’s a key difference to me. 

  • http://twitter.com/shaun_27 Shaun Takenouchi

    Until now, I have always cringed at the titles labeling the Kindle Fire as an or not an “iPad Killer”. But you have hit it on the head! The Kindle Fire is EXACTLY a Kindle Killer! Very well said! You are one of the first to get this right!

  • Peter Anderson

    I’m loving our Kindle Fire so far. It has replaced my Ipod touch as the small media/entertainment device at our house. It’s great for reading, playing games or just surfing the web.  Honestly I think it’s a great little device – especially at the price point.  As they sort out a few of the bugs I’m sure it will be even better.

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    I have been hearing that people really dislike the fire, and are returning it.  I guess it is inevitable that there be some issues on a new release like this… but Amazon better react quick before the outrage escalates.

  • http://twitter.com/Innovatehotels Hotel Innovations

    I am still debating on whether to get an iPad and a Kindle Fire. These improvements are getting me to start leaning towards the fire. I already bought a Laptop during Black Friday because you can do more with it. I like the mobility of tablets so I ended up buying a laptop table from Lapeez at http://bit.ly/vy3hNS for use while traveling. I can work on it like a table while the laptop sits in my lap. 

    Next year I’ll surely get a tablet, most likely the fire