• Pat Grady

    “what matters most is achieving the best ROI given your business
    objectives and budget, and you might optimize directly to CTR or ROI or a
    combination of success metrics to achieve that.”
    You made some great points, but left us with “best ROI” and “optimize (ROI)”, without defining what that means. Yes, it’s outside of the scope of your article here, so… I look forward to your next article Hamed! I hope it addresses what the “best ROI” is.

  • Bruce Brownlee

    Nice post. When you get a plot that looks like the CTR v ROI above, it usually indicates that there are extra dimensions involved that have been flattened into the 2D picture. In some cases, finding just one more dimension, the right one, will convert this scattergram into a very well-ordered surface that completely makes sense. In the example above, a surface shaped like the inside of a cow bell would give you this result if you flattened it by ignoring the dimension that protrudes orthognal to the plane of the page (sticking out of the page). So then, what do you imagine could be the missing dimension?

  • vielmetti

    If I were spending money, and someone showed me a scatterplot like the one you have there, I’d wonder that there was any correlation at all and I’d look for another way to spend the money.

  • Dariusz Romanowski

    Pat Grady are right, its diffrence between best and optimized Return Of investment:) Can you explain us what metrics do you mean?

    And btw..what program do you use to make that chart with relationship between the CTR & ROI?