• http://twitter.com/victorpan victorpan

    OOoo… looks del.icio.us

    Sorry for the bad puns and word play, but I couldn’t resist. I like the subtle stab at Twitter.

    “TwitLonger — When you talk too much for Twitter”


  • Matt McGee

    We’ll see, Jonathan. You may be right. Or maybe there’s plenty of room left for different services including Delicious. I use Pocket, and love it, but in a totally different way than I (continue to) use Delicious. Tried Instapaper and Evernote and hated them both. Different strokes for different folks. Lots of Internet users, so probably room for plenty of different options.

  • http://www.sagerock.com/blog Sage Lewis

    I have used Delicious for years. And the new ownership was really exciting to me. But it’s been a slow roll out. I haven’t been over there in the last month or so. So this news is fun to hear. I’m going to go check it out now.

    Social bookmarking seems like an open playing field. It’s anybody’s game. Delicious has as much of shot at it as anybody, I think.

    Thanks for the write up!

  • keaner

    Yeah cause this design isn’t a complete rip off of Facebook *rolls eyes*

  • kcd

    Obviously you were not a Delicious user in the past.It used to be the best bookmarking app out there, but it is now slow, cumbersome, memory hogging,and worst of all: not user friendly. The new “developers” (read: dismemberers) have gone thru & removed every single thing that made Delicious fast, organized, and a pleasure to use. And to add insult to injury, many long time users like myself (3 years) have now had some of our content vanish! And the rest is slow & difficult to access-in other words:defeating the purpose of bookmarking an item in the first place! Yes indeed-“new & improved”. And to show their respect for the thousands of long time users, they posted a comments section which received THOUSANDS of negative comments along the same lines as mine above. Their PR departments way dealing w/ that embarrassing (and for some reason apparently unexpected) response? THEY TOOK IT DOWN SO NEW FUTURE SUCKERS COULDN’T READ IT! Tells you a lot about the new development team. After being their most devoted fan, I’m off to find a new bookmarking system. AVOS has killed Delicious.
    I’m broken hearted, and a little upset about how they went about this mash-up, and all the time I wasted bookmarking thousands of links that are basically no longer usable.