• AmyG1

    Thank you for this great article! With the exception of the Promoted Posts, I have heard that the new forms of advertising are fee based with a cost of $50,000 per month. Can you confirm this?

  • seattleiguana

    Greg, why do you think sponsored posts are not ads (ads embedded in your news feed)?  Why don’t you think the analysis for ads applies to them?  Why do you think Facebook’s experience with ads in news feeds will be any different than search engines’ failed experiments with inserting paid ads into search results?  Why won’t credibility and relevance of the Facebook’s news feed drop as more sponsored posts are added?

  • http://twitter.com/gregfinn Greg Finn

    Sponsored posts are ads, never said they weren’t.  I do however think that Facebook is tying in the word-of-mouth, organic feel to the ads.  Instead of just an ad for Starbucks, the ad can show activity and interaction instead of the traditional “display” ads.

  • http://twitter.com/gregfinn Greg Finn

    Amy, Didn’t hear that, still rolling out though.  Will reach out and update :)

  • http://dreamdraw.ru/ Miroslav

    In facebook works a lot of enough professional analysts, probably know that speak!

  • فيصل المطيري
  • Yair Spolter

    Thanks for this really informative post.
    Doesn’t promoted posts turn FB into a marketplace rather than a social network?
    When EdgeRank decided which posts I would see, the algo was looking out for ME – showing me the content that I most likely want to see. But now, I will see the posts that fetched the highest bid?

    IMO a huge step backwards for Facebook.

    What do you think?

  • repaire

    Facebook is using EdgeRank to say that some of your fans aren’t really valuable because they don’t interact with your posts, therefore you don’t show up in their newsfeed. And then they are charging you money to buy them back and try and re-advertise to them.

    Facebook is holding your fans hostage basically. Yeah, I don’t think this will be as revolutionary as you think. I think there will be a backlash once companies get tired of having to reacquire their own fans. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3M6ABDZH4IBUMXN5QIAY3SD6CE Mark

    Great post. Very interesting to see. I usually do not read blog, but this post definitely caught my attention.

  • Christopher Regan

    Blech. Do you work for Facebook?

  • http://twitter.com/celwell Chris Elwell

    Great piece Greg. Helpful to have a rundown of all that FB’s been rolling out.

    SNIP:  The “I don’t click on ads” argument should soon cease while advertisers will find increased reach and visibility with a natural or word-of-mouth format.

    Comment: Perhaps the comment is going to change from “No one clicks on my ads” to “this is too damn complicated.” Two things made paid search advertising successful: the targeting was bullet proof, i.e demandcast, and the product was simple so participation was widespread.

    FB looks to be throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks at this point. I wonder if advertisers will have the patience to wade through all of the options until they figure out which — if any — of these formats works.