• http://www.facebook.com/alice.maneschy Alice Maneschy

    Really good, loved it! :)

  • Jonathan Hawkins

    Worst part about the “Google Dance” is when clients are so stuck on watching their current positions and on comes the Google music and they don’t know what to do. Sometimes they get mad, sometimes they go out and buy a bottle of Cristal prematurely. But once the dust settles that is the time to pay attention.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    “When results are dancing to the Panda beat, we usually know. But we
    don’t know if it’s Penguin, Top Heavy, Pirate or some other filter
    jumping things around in the results.”

    A great point, and that makes it all the harder to know which dance is out of step. When there are so many factors at play (both known and unknown) it’s hard to discern which ones need your attention first.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fionn.downhill Fionn Downhill

    Not only do I have fond memories of the dance but I also own the tee shirt above. I have to say the dances at the plex during SES were the most fun. SEO has got very difficult during the past 18 months (even more difficult than it was before) I am thinking that doing SEO for clients is not going to work for a pure SEO company and anybody with skills to rank sites consistently now should be doing it for themselves. :)

  • Darko Atanasov

    Wow it happens to one of my new sites that I want to make authority. My posts started to rank high in Google but suddenly I saw them everywhere on the web :) I know that it’s not google panda so this is the real answer. It’s two month old site

  • Sean Roan

    You guys can knock mistersavage, but in all my time watching SEO, and the NON STOP whining you guys do about “the dance”, it’s almost like they didn’t prepare you for it in school or something. Oh Wait…

    My point here is mistersavage has said exactly what I would like to see about the whole industry… What do you guys actually do for what money. What percentage of that is SPAM more or less or black hat tactics.

    Until the transparency he and I are alluding too shows up, good luck with the sympathy.