• http://profile.yahoo.com/AQVUYRLOZETOLCC64SKET2OEWA Chris Elwell

    Interesting piece here, James. Can you give some examples of (b)  they have data that was obtained elsewhere and are looking to see if their target audience happens to be visiting your site. 
    Seems like everyone I run into falls into your “a” definition.

  • James Green

    Sure thing Chris.  The following are some retargeting companies who have their own data and buy on exchanges and to publishers directly: Share This, PulsePoint, Criteo, FetchBack, Retargeter, AdRoll.  Most folk buying on exchanges are also data driven, so that may be an easier solution.  Make it available everywhere you can, places like RightMedia, AdX, AppNexus, DataXu, Invite Media, Turn, X+1, The Trade Desk.  Then see who is buying and build relationships with them.  We (Magnetic) are buyers of media based on data, and we tend to buy on exchanges, though more-and-more publishers have been reaching out to have us buy directly I’m assuming because they like the buys they see from us on the exchanges.  If all of that is too much to manage, I’ll give a plug to my buddies over at PubGears who specialize in representing publishers in the media buying landscape (they don’t sell media themselves, they just manage the myriad of possible relationships).