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    PinAlert is not working for example.

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    Good tips! In addition, my company Bazaart has a new free iPad app that allows creating inspirational mashups from their pinterest boards, and repin to pinterest. It’s a cool way to mix your pins into a beautiful image. Take a look at some of our inspirations: 

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    Impressive: Businesses can pin, re-pin, manage their pins, comment and like on Pinterest. #sarcasm

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    Great tips Kelsey. Pinterest is one fast growing social network and businesses can use it also to generate leads and traffic.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Scaggs/31403433 James Scaggs

    Nice post but pin alert goes to a parked domain for me? Can you double check the link?

  • http://openid.anonymity.com/sbnfvd Dispos

    Yes, this is the kind of mistake a marketing expert shouldn’t have done. Make sure your links are up to date. Don’t copy and paste.

  • olafpijl

    Here’s a practical list of how you can get the most out of Pinterest SEO: http://www.searchify.ca/pinterest-seo-tips/ . Happy pinning! :)

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    Just fixed it. Thanks! http://pinalerts.com

  • http://twitter.com/wonderwall7 Kelsey Jones

    Francois, if you have any other suggestions for what businesses like to do on Facebook, I’d love to hear them! Pinterest is still such a new site for many businesses, I’m sure we’d all appreciate any other knowledge you have to share.

  • http://twitter.com/wonderwall7 Kelsey Jones

    Sorry James! 
    Just fixed it. Thanks! http://pinalerts.com

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    most of the people talk about how to use pinterest to get traffic .bla bla ….But to be honest, does any one think if relevant the traffic from pinterest is ? I doubt if it caters the needs of every business model.

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