• Sam Mazaheri

    Oh man… This will be a great weekly series Matt!

  • Greg Powers

    People are overly sensitive.

  • http://pamelamkramer.com/ PamelaMKramer

    WOW! That is a complete fail.

  • Josh Moore

    The biggest problem with the Home Depot tweet is that people who are completely non-racist (i.e. the people that posted it) get punished for the rest of the public’s racism. I say completely non-racist because it seems obvious that they didn’t even consider it to be racist – it’s just 2 guys and a monkey drumming. That’s how the company seemed to see it, but it gets blown up into a “racist” statement, because of the people who read life through racist eyes. If you don’t even notice race, it’s just 3 people drumming, one in a monkey suit.

  • Steve Wright

    “Have been terminated?!” That was a pretty stupid tweet but execution seems a bit harsh.