• http://twitter.com/TimCohn Tim Cohn

    The casting appears to have been ripped from a Mark Burnett / Donald Trump Celebrity Apprentice script.

  • zato

    “In the tech category, no Google executives were listed. In terms of “influence,” Larry Page probably should have made the list.” 

    Why pay any attention to “Time”? 
    MarketingLand – SearchEngineLand should just name Page and Brin the two greatest human beings ever created in the history of the universe, and be done with it. You know you want to. 

  • http://www.afmarcom.com/ Angelique

    Has Zuckerberg been on the list in the past?

  • JohnDoey

    The idea that Tim Cook should not be on the list does not fly. He is the CEO of the world’s largest publicly-traded company, which has just created the first successful mobile PC, and before that redefined the smartphone, dominated high-end computing with the Intel Mac, redefined the music industry, and as an aside revolutionized both online and brick-and- mortar retail. And he has been CEO for most of the last few years, and before that was COO, and contributed greatly to the Apple comeback.

    Whether Tim Cook outranks the Google guys? Apple could almost buy Google with cash. But they don’t need to, because Apple has already started replacing Google (search engine) with Siri (answer engine.) Meanwhile, Google has lost about $20 billion so far attempting to clone iPhone. They are in different leagues.

    And what is an “Internet company?” How is Apple not an Internet company? The World Wide Web was created with Apple’s developer tools. Most Web developers are on Macs, including most employees at Google.

    So your scale is off. As big as Google is, Apple is much bigger.

  • gregsterling

    @JohnDoey: I have great respect for Tim Cook and actually believe that he’ll turn out to be a much better CEO than Jobs was in several respects. Apple is a great company but I don’t think Cook personally is one of the most influential people on planet earth at this point. My opinion of course. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000586876452 Arvin Alba

    The list is “most influential” not “who owns the biggest company.” Steve Jobs is influential, the Googlers are pretty influential. Tim Cook is really great at being CEO, but he’s not influential. People still think Jobs when they think Apple.

  • http://www.sparkminute.com/ David Spark

    Zuckerberg made TIME’s man of the year. I think they’ve recognized him enough.