• http://www.elokenz.com/ Elokenz

    Thanks for this idea Arnie,
    We never thought about creating a ‘FAQ’ like category on our blog. We will investigate the ‘pain points’ and try to come up with interesting solutions for our readers.

  • http://www.robertoguerra.cl Roberto Guerra

    Great post Arnie. I currently work a lot with social media in a news site down here in Chile and I’m getting all the help I can with tips like these. I have a question though, that you could maybe help me with. Another thing i’m working at is a Social Media Agency where we provide our clients with insights and information on mentions and all these factors that can tell them if their brand’s doing well or not. Do you know of a good strategy to sell information? As in develop a product that can be attractive to everybody. Today it’s very easy to get the amount of mentions and traffic of specific topics on Social Media, and everybody is doing it. This is why i’m trying to think of a strategy to give further analytics than what is traditionally known.
    ¿How would you convince a company that they should pay so you give them more insights?