• http://twitter.com/khawe Kieran Hawe

    Very light on the mobile predictions as most of what you list is almost guaranteed to happen or are completely obvious. Take a chance – like QR Codes will finally stop getting so much marketing buzz as companies finally realize that the amount of people who take the time to download a reader and scan a code is so small it isn’t worth the investment.

  • Todd Klein

    Interesting article! My prediction is that I think mobile payments will really take off. I have been using CSI globalVCard for all of my mobile payments and I love it. It’s really so much safer than my plastic! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1239606526 Alireza Sefati

    I am tired of Google and MS copying Apple. I already went away from MS products and soon I will go away from Android and rest of Google products (except their search which I need to use until apple comes up with one)

  • http://www.onqmarketing.com.au Quentin Aisbett

    I’m looking forward to what extent mobile payments and augmented reality kicks off in 2012. Also, if Facebook does in fact get mobile advertising running it’s going to be huge and may just be the catalyst for a significant rise in mobile’s share of annual advertising….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Guinn-Allen/1266803344 Guinn Allen

    I think they should start using the scanners on smart phones with coupons to generate sales…This could be a trend for M-Commerce.