• cvglass

    I guess it may be a problem with twitter, but in the grand scheme of things I helped test tweetbot in the alpha and beta program; I purchased tweetbot for iOS, and when I paid for my upgrade to Mountain Lion and my upgrade to Mountain Lion Server they were only $20 each. I do not use twitter nearly as much as those upgrades, so I will not be purchasing tweetbot, and NOT releasing my tokens. I do not expect software for free, but I since I participated in the prerelease program, I was hoping for a discount or reasonable pricing. I will go back to Janetter, because there are no options in this new software from Tweetbot that I will miss.

  • dpgj

    Its scary that it will likely of vicious cycle when Tweetbot’s sales flatten, the company will not pay for enough Twitter API token, user experience will suffer, and the sales will go further down.

  • http://twitter.com/asad Asad Akbar

    With beta testers like you, who needs enemies?

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  • User101

    Thanks for the info about Janetter. I just downloaded it and it looks good. I understand you completely. Tapbots decision about the pricing and their blaming twitter for the restrictions may be understandable but I dont think that it is a good decision. Astoundingly many user accept the price – at the moment. My interpretation: They create a feeling of shortage (omg stock maybe out and maybe i cannot buy it later!) and of course many of the geeks buy it at once. But all arguments take twitters decision for granted. What if twitter revokes that decision in the next weeks/months. What if twitter itself will provide in next time a client that challenges tweetbot in price and quality? And yes, tweetbot may be a good piece of software and it will be likely used frequently. Good apps can be priced high. But high price for a whatever-client is typically still clearly below 10 Euros. Software with a price tag of 16 Euros has more distinuishing functuality. I dont see why users should accept that netbots internal struggle with twitter should be financed with users money. And hey – the 2 netbot guys say, they intend to support the app even after the twitter tokens are used up and they do not generate additional revenue. Thats nice – but who guarantees me that they wont sell their company the next months, that netbot exists in 2 years, ….? No one.