• Eddie May

    Hi, Thanks for the heads up. Your 1st link to twit ads is incorrect.
    Cheers, Eddie

  • Mig Bravo

    It’s about damn time. Nothing too insightful, but it’s a start I suppose. I’d like to see ‘reach’ and ‘clicks’ implemented soon.

  • Harry Hawk

    I’ve gained a lot of followers in the last few months but not much engagement.. it’s very interesting

  • Todd

    Sounds great but selecting “timeline” or “folllowers” just redirects me to the “advertise with us” tab. Do you have to input your billing details and payment information to access the tool?

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    I just logged in and it’s pretty fun to scope out what Tweets got the most clicks, how your followers have dipped or grown, etc. It’s nice to have all that information in one easy to read dashboard. Even if you don’t get that much from it you didn’t already know it’s worth checking out!

  • Moni Assi

    I’ll be glad to see it available in Canada! Gotta start somewhere though so good on them

  • http://holtjohnson.com/ Holt Johnson

    I’m in the US and I’m not seeing the analytics tab. Is it slowly being rolled out or am I missing something.