• http://twitter.com/antonywalton Antony Walton

    Nothing that you’ve mentioned as ‘advantages’ with the new Twitter interface for the iPad couldn’t have been achieved by enhancing the two-frame browsing mechanism in version 4.3.2.

    A couple of examples:

    Image display in 4.3.2 has a lot of wasted space around the pic, take up some of that grey background with a larger image (as displayed in the new version). Whilst they’re at it, the developers could pin the retweets and favourites to the bottom of the image. Voila larger image display!

    Full-screen web pages in this instance is a nonsense; I would gladly sacrifice 1/5 of the horizontal width if that allowed me easy access (with a swipe) back to my main feed. Using the old Twitter app interface I could navigate and consume almost all linked content using the thumb on the same hand as I’m gripping the iPad! now I have to peck around at the close button at the top-left of the screen.

    Tweets showing further interactions and mentions is a great idea for building context. This could have easily be implemented into the slide-away panel too, maximising the useable screen space. Are you getting the notion yet of how flexible the sliding content panel could be and how silly Twitter are at doing away with it?

    A lot of the other ‘advantages’ you’ve mentioned simply amount to reorganising the information hierarchy and design of pages such as profiles.

    I was under the impression that in Twitter your timeline is everything. To have it sidelined so often in the new Twitter app breaks that information flow. Unless priorities have changed for Twitter, ahem advertising.

    Talking of advertising; if Twitter want to monetise their signed-up users fine, I don’t expect something for nothing, or as little as I can get away with anyway. I would feel better if Twitter introduced in-timeline adverts and gave me back the sliding content pane on the iPad.

    What’s the point of unifying the Twitter experience if you unify across the lowest common denominator? Play to each devices’ strengths and perhaps add that innovative sliding content panel into their Android offering too, god knows it needs it.

    The more I think about it, it seems like this update was seriously half-baked and ill thought out.

  • http://www.ipadapplicationdevelopmentindia.com/ Ethan

    Everything has changed in Twitter’s update to its iPad app, and not necessarily for the better. There are now promoted Tweets bundled with a completely new experience and change of focus all inside a rehashed iPhone design.