• http://twitter.com/mikecane Mike Cane

    Given how Twitter has already suppressed trending topics — Occupy Wall Street is premier in my mind — this is not surprising.  Disgusting, but not surprising.

  • http://twitter.com/StephenEP Stephen Palkot

    No evidence has been produced that Twitter has suppressed Occupy Wall Street. Here’s more on the topic: http://www.npr.org/2011/12/07/143013503/how-twitters-trending-algorithm-picks-its-topics

  • http://twitter.com/JanuaryGemorie January Gemorie

    I guess twitter is following Google’s Age restriction policy whereas, teenagers ages 13 can now join discussions on Google plus if and only if they belong to the “Teen Circle”, it functions like whenever they post something an alert will pop asking them whether to continue or not since everyone can see it.

  • Anonymous

    Look for something like BitTweet to emerge just as BitTorrent was a reaction to copyright enforcement. Freedom
    routes around censorship and interference.

  • http://www.kleemi.com Bruce Wayne

    ….”Our Great Twitter whom we continue to create millions in value for by adding content on a daily basis cares nothing about freedom of speech ….No surprise there….Twitter is a traditional internet Corp who’s primary goal is to Extract as much Value from the”Community” as possible so that it can be leveraged into hunders of millions of dollars in revenues…In this traditional Corp frame work “Community” and “Freedom” of speech are degraded to their lowest possible denominators.We are developing http://www.kleemi.com as “Community” first alternative to Google, Twitter, and Facebook.
    The application is in alpha and some of the current features are : Cutting Edge Meta Search Engine, Fully Integrated News Reader and Micro Blogging service.

  • http://twitter.com/catfitz CatherineFitzpatrick
  • http://twitter.com/cherie1999 candice lewis

    what the hell…twitter sold us out…why twitter..why…and as for Google..why..i thought u were on  the people side….how could you and twitter do that…i bet congress got to them…