• http://twitter.com/jeffmcneill Jeff McNeill

    This is a tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including “spammy” ones as well as legitimate audience-building tools. Marketingland should be a little more clear on that, since the difference between a spammer in social media and an advertiser sometimes is only whether the network gets paid. For those organizations who want to advertise, but are too small to spend millions, these tools help out a lot. Even the new version which complies with Twitter is worthwhile. Is it spam anymore? Take this topic seriously, it deserves more than snarky comments.

  • http://www.leapfroggr.com/ Dennis Seymour

    That’s right Jeff. Tools like this or even scrapebox can be used to spam like hell in the wrong hands but marketers like us should see the beauty of what softwares like these can really offer. It’s good that they finally settled the case

  • Matt McGee

    Thx Jeff. I feel like I made it pretty clear that Tweet Adder is a different product now than it was when Twitter filed the lawsuit. I didn’t use it back then, but it clearly existed to do things that violated Twitter’s TOS. The fact that Tweet Adder settled the case seems to suggest that they agree that’s what their product was for at the time.

  • TwitTwain

    Yup. Tweet Adder is dead. I am trying tweetattackspro2 and it works just like tweet adder 3.0. I heard that they are going a spcial discount. I tried out their software and it hahha is awesome.
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