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    The hashtag experience on Facebook is severely lacking. Following #Worldcup on Twitter for real-time updates, organized in a column, on mobile or desktop is much more engaging. I think it’s safe to say if FB tweaks the News Feed to include a better hashtag experience those #’s will increase.

  • http://www.evanhoffman.com/ Evan

    Facebook shows post in a totally nondeterministic order. There’s no guarantee that any particular post will show up on any your “likers'” feeds because they’ve added so much special sauce to try and show people only things that are relevant to them. Personally I hate how they keep defaulting me to “Top Stories” no matter how many times I tell it “most recent,” on desktop and the ios app. My wife and I have some friends in common and she’ll ask me “did you see that link Barbara posted?” and I’ll go back and the post just didn’t show up for me, despite all of us being friends. Meanwhile I see every single post of George Takei’s. Facebook is mostly useful these days as a photo sharing and identity managing platform. For general communication it kind of sucks.

  • Rob Leathern

    “a newspaper tailored to the tastes of a person on a given day will lead to too muchpositive feedback in that direction, and people’s choices for one day would permanently affect their viewings for the rest of their lives.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daily_Me

  • datasmog

    Facebook is bad enough what with all the unwanted friend and groups suggestions without the bloody adverts.
    On Twitter it’s easy to scroll past such things as they are not so in your face, but it’s also far far easier and quicker to retweet. Plus, Twitter users seem to have a far more developed sense of humour.