• http://twitter.com/KrisRoadruck Kris Roadruck

    This makes me angry. i use tweetdeck specifically because its NOT in the browser. Its gone downhill ever since twitter bought out the original dudes (I still by choice use the old version 0.38.2). Apparently they don’t get that one of their users “Unique needs” is a stand alone application. If I wanted to use it in the browser I’d just go to frickin twitter. Anyway when they axe it I think I’ll have my devs code up a knock-off version that uses their new api and give it away open source. Take that twitter. :P

  • http://www.kevinmullett.com Kevin Mullett

    It is at times like this that I am convinced Twitter doesn’t want to monetize their business, let alone provide what people are actually asking for. I would happily pay for an updated 38.2 version of Tweetdeck. And people are willing to pay, on both mobile and desktop, for dashboards that serve their purpose. Hootsuite has made a nice business out of it. Speaking of which, I would pay even more if a newer official Tweetdeck had analytics that Twitter clearly has the ability to serve.

    Why do I still use the old Tweetdeck? One key reason, the old “Tweetdeck lists” that, unlike Twitter’s own lists, are not limited to 20 lists with 500 accounts per. Oddly enough, I can’t even get all of my lists, and the contacts in them, correctly exported from the old Tweetdeck. Huge fail Twitter.

  • Urbane_Gorilla

    I use Tweetdeck particularly for trading stocks and love the desktop version because I can run several columns with different searches and get popup alerts on hits while it’s residing beneath my trading platform. I can’t imagine trying to use the Web Based Twitter stream with its single column. This really sucks big time.

  • Urbane_Gorilla

    BTW, as teens drift away from Facebook, why would they continue with Twitter now. All the kids are mobile…Without a mobile app, how many teen users does Twitter think they’ll lose? Considering that the total number of users is how services like Twitter and Facebook base their market value, it seems that they are purposely cutting their own throat.

  • Anders

    the new version tweetdeck isnt even close to the versatility of the older 0.38.2 and not a fit replacement. Not sure why the old one has to be turned off or even how but I do hope for some bright spark to make some sort of fix.

  • davewakeman

    I’m glad to see that I am not the only person that dislikes the new Tweetdeck. It really is not even close to the product that the older version was.

    I’m not even the type of user that is going to be really bothered by changes, but now that your feed automatically scrolls to the top, that makes the app a little more difficult for me to use effectively.

    And so it goes.