• http://www.dekh.com/members/profile/13 Harsh Bawa

    The lead gen tool looks very interesting and has the potential to help business owners get more leads if it is rolled out big time.

    The possibility of twitter ads competing with adwords and facebook ads is something which might help business owners in a much better way as twitter will open a third platform for them to advertise to their targeted audience besides significantly helping new business owners get targeted leads and expand their revenues.

  • http://www.socialbakers.com/ Michal Smetana

    May I just ask the editors of this blog (or better to say, give you a suggestion for your blog posts), why aren’t you embedding the tweets directly into your post and you rather take a print screen and attach an image of that in your article?

  • stiv

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  • Matt McGee

    We do embed tweets directly on occasion, but the risk is that the tweet gets deleted and then the article becomes unreadable. In this case, that’s a legitimate risk since Twitter is testing a new kind of tweet with lead-gen elements involved and they could decide later that they don’t want that tweet showing any longer. So it’s safer for us to use a screenshot of the tweet.