• TweepForce

    Twitter and tv become hugely complimentary to each other and this can really help businesses to take their conversation to step further ..http://www.tweepforce.co.uk/blog/twitter-is-the-best-lead-generation-tool-for-businesses-or-brands/

  • Harry Hawk

    Fantastic.. this is the sort of deep integration that Twitter should be building and offering.. I should be able to buy tweets around topics and events the same way I can go to Google and buy placement on a SERP.

  • Pat Grady

    Goes together like Milk Shakes and Roller Coasters.

  • http://t.co/H5xlES8Dxl Phone Source

    Advertising on Twitter is a waste of money. Twitter Ads has something it calls engagement for which customers are charge for engagement without sending traffic to the customer’s website.

  • http://www.oneims.com/ Solomon Thimothy

    I would assume coupling any advertising efforts would produce similar results. In fact, I am a strong believer in combining online and offline efforts for a fully integrated marketing strategy.