• Alex Stewart

    That’s pretty awesome. I’m glad they are making the data exchange easier and this is exactly the type of ideas that will keep twitter around longer.

  • Nick Boylan

    Hmm…this may bring me to the table. As I’m in the B2B space, Twitter has always been a bit of a headache. Advertising on it wasn’t close to being on the radar. With a direct lead-gen ad format, my attitude changes entirely.

  • Matt McGee

    I’m assuming you won’t be the only one thinking that way, Nick.

  • Matt McGee

    Twitter hasn’t shared any more details like that, Catherine. I would assume it’s CPL, but not positive.

  • http://www.socialbakers.com/ Michal Smetana

    This is really great news. This new “Lead generation Card” looks really promising. I just wonder if its cost will be determined as a CPL, or they will come up with something else. Thanks for sharing it with us, @mattmcgee:disqus.