• http://www.christycorrell.com Christy Correll

    How is engagement being measured?

  • http://blogs.voices.com/thebiz davidciccarelli

    We’ve been waiting for this news. After walking through the on-page tour, I found that the recommended dimensions for the cover banner (1500 pixels x 500 pixels) aren’t quite right. Our image got zoomed in so be sure to play around with the image and the text to get it to align nicely.

    As an example, we used a photo of one of our team members holding an iPad with our app. Take a look here: https://twitter.com/voicesdotcom

  • http://womeninbusinessradio.com Michele Price

    Yeah, after playing around with it I have yet to figure out how to pin a tweet. Now to find a way to get colors to play nice. https://twitter.com/prosperitygal

  • http://marketingland.com/ Martin Beck

    Hi Christy,

    I assume by the number of retweets, replies and favorites a tweet gets.

  • Ann07

    Twitter actually looks pretty awesome today than it was before.

    Twitter before was kind of plain and boring to look at but now you can actually do something more with it. It’s bolder, more detailed and it’s pretty much organized and easy to access.

    I like its new feature where you can put a cover photo just like in Facebook, it’s really a good change.

    Hope that Twitter will do something more, like having a music player, so while you tweet, you can listen to your own music list without opening another tab like YouTube.

    But I do assume many others would like these new changes as well.

    Thanks for the news update, cheers!


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  • Neville

    Sucky sucky long time? Make good price for me? Love GI Long time?

  • Neville

    How many côcks you sucked today slût?

  • http://metzmiranda.wordpress.com/ Metz

    I was so envious with other users the last last day after seeing their Twitter profile page, it was awesome and I was like “How did they do that? I want that too!” I thought you can create yours by editing the design, but I was wrong. Then the other day, gratefully, A pop up pops in my Twitter account and introduced me the new-fangled look that I was eager to have. It was awesome.

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