• http://twitter.com/JasonKamara Jason Kamara

    Does Twitter have cost-effective price points for these promoted ads? I know they can be effective for large corporations, but I haven’t seen any for local businesses. Twitter would seem to have great potential for paid tweets from local businesses with the ability to specifically target mobile local users.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ahmed.kotsh.7 Ahmed Kotsh

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  • http://mikethoughts.com miketempleton

    How are replies and retweets handled with this change if there’s no original tweet to match up with the actions?

    It’s also interesting to see Facebook moving away from pure advertisements and more toward promoting existing content. Who has the right idea?

  • Matt McGee

    Mike – the ad/tweet can still be retweeted, replied to, etc. after it’s published.

  • Tansu Uslu


  • Sun Rise

    How do you go about creating promotional tweets? What does this actually achieve though, surely if your posting to the followers you already have then it would be better to post to all of them instead of a select few?

  • Matt McGee

    We published a follow-up article today with some of the Washington Post’s results from this targeting:


    Might answer your second question.

  • http://www.facebook.com/polashkumar.das Polash Kumar Das


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