• Dean R Black

    Thanks for the update Danny Sullivan. I am hosting a webinar tonight on Google Plus and doing some last minute research since Google changed the layout today …I like what I see so far…

  • Steve Baxter

    Hashtags on Twitter and now on G+ too. We’re bound to get different hashtags for the same concepts – but we get that already on Twitter. Although a hashtag can no longer be said to direct people to a single place (Twitter), I think we’ll see positive results.

  • http://myindigolives.wordpress.com/ Ellie K

    Google+ has had hash tags for at least a year, using the “#” just like Twitter. It was a user’s decision whether or not to use them. If you wanted to prefix a word with a hash tag, there would be a list of hash tag’s that would be displayed like a hover-over. This is different.

    Despite my querulous tone, I think that you are correct, specifically, that there will be different hash tags assigned to the same concepts. I don’t know if human-assigned hash tag’s are any less likely to do that, but, this seems excessive. Hash tags provide a means of further indexing Google+ user content, which Google already has total access to, it being on Google+!

  • http://twitter.com/MKTG_FREE_TRNG Tom Coleman

    Love #hashtags wherever they can be used. Just helps to get the related msg out to those interested in the subject. Thanks Danny.

  • GM

    Guys, what about the ability for a disgruntled consumer to say for example, “F-U, #Walmart” and inject such into their page? I do not think this feature is currently “Brand safe” and expect to see such written about it.