• EnsorcelledWitch74
  • Murrine Scene

    Hey! Those are millefiori :)

    Are they hard glass, soft glass, or polymer clay?

  • http://www.monicawright.com Monica Wright

    Not sure, we didn’t make the fake candy used in the image. :)

  • http://dragonsearchmarketing.com/ Ric Dragon

    I played around with it for a bit last night… what wasn’t immediately apparent is what would happen, if anything, to that nice background image you worked so hard on. Outcome: it remains. So, yeah, seems like a lot of hoohah for very little. But then again, we should use ever feature we can to help our clients or brands.

  • http://www.monicawright.com Monica Wright

    @ricdragon:disqus I just saw PBS did I nice job integrating promotion with it. https://twitter.com/pbs

  • http://dragonsearchmarketing.com/ Ric Dragon

    Nice – sorta suggests that as people get savvy on this – designing your images to look optimal here will make a difference – good place for branding. Dark background seems to look best too.

  • http://www.michaelmerritt.org/ Michael Merritt

    It’ll probably turn out okay if you do it right, but the positioning of the account info seems ripe for a hard-to-read mess. There’s a reason Facebook didn’t go with something similar on their cover image.

  • afakeplasticman

    these are great. there are already some twitter header providers popping up, like http://www.twitter-header-photo.com

  • Maria

    http://www.99tweet.com for great twitter headers, you can edit them and upload directly via twitter fast and easy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jnurs94 Josh Nurse

    I am glad that twitter has made this move, just fits in better with FB and G+…..At least now all my profiles look nearly the same lol.

    I’ve been grabbing my header pictures from this site:http://freetwitterheaders.net