• http://www.jamesmunroe.ca/ James Munroe

    Great article Carrie. I like the use of a Campaign Data Chart, It’s a lot like what I would do for a demographic chart. Booking/Purchase window links are gold, thanks.

  • Carrie Hill

    @James – thanks so much for the feedback! Glad you like it!

  • http://drewschug.com/ Drew Schug

    I really like the matrix you created Carrie. Also the idea of sharing this with creatives or implementing on social media sites such as Pinterest is also a nice touch.

  • Usman Raza

    Nice Post Carrie!

    i think somebody first would need to get training over Google analytics to create the campaigns like you are talk about! but its great way to recognizing your customers and their needs for your product and services at the right time ! Good work!

  • Ali Gammack

    Love the practicality of your post Carrie. GA can sometimes seem overwhelming to many so your actionable ideas are very useful.

  • mikefats

    Helpful. I’ve created a share-able dashboard template in GA, if you’re interested: https://www.google.com/analytics/web/template?uid=AgnJdIw7QvWtuNjx_0LVNw

  • Carrie Hill

    Mike – that is incredibly useful – thanks so much for creating it for everyone!

  • http://citationgurus.com/ Sean Swanson

    I love google analytics for exactly all of these reasons. Knowing where people have been, what they are looking at, how many times a page was visited for, how long they visited for and seeing where people are finding the site from. I also like seeing what devices people are using so I can make sure everything looks nice and is working on the most used browsers and devices.